Sunday, January 06, 2008

News from Sew Cute: Christmas may be over, but the spirit of giving lives on at Sew Cute

You may have heard on the news last month that a mom died from complications shortly after giving birth to triplets. It’s hard to imagine how devastating this must be for the family. (Read news story | Watch CNN video)

The family is in need of almost everything you can think of for a new baby times three. Sew Cute has already donated personalized clothing for the triplet boys, and gift certificates that will be part of an auction with money raised going to the family.

And for all January orders of $50 or more at or 905 794 4543, Sew Cute is donating $5 to the Smith Family Triplets

“Now we want to take it one step further”, says Lucie Kroeplin, owner of Sew Cute. If you can help and would like to make a secure donation ($1, $2, or $5 Canadian funds) to the Smith Family Triplets, click here. I'll send a cheque at the end of January, and continue to send cheques once a month for as long as the donations are coming in. If everybody who reads this newsletter donates even $1, that would go a long way for this family in need! If you'd rather, you can find the address for sending donations directly, in the news story link above. Please help if you can, and forward this to friends and blogs you think would be interested.

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