Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Product Review: Wiped! Life with a Pint-size Dictator by Rebecca Eckler

Product Name: Wiped! Life with a Pint-size Dictator by Rebecca Eckler

Product Rating: 4.5 Rubber Duckies (out of 5)

After her little bundle of joy, Rowan (aka The Dictator) arrives, Rebecca Eckler wonders when the promised “rewarding” part will kick in. She wasn’t supposed to trade in tight jeans for baggy sweatpants, or give up the dream of sound sleep and a passionate sex life. Yet, even in the throes of her exhaustion, Rebecca gleans and shares some sound advice for modern moms!

Review 1:

Wow is all I have to say! What a fantastic read. I've done this backwards, I admit that I haven't read "Knocked Up", but having read Wiped, I will certainly be reading "Knocked Up" sooner rather than later.

Rebecca Eckler writes a fluent, well paced book. It is set up as a journal which makes it easy to put down, a must for busy Moms! I found myself compelled to always pick it back up as soon as I could for a little read here and a little read there. It definitely was my fastest read in a while.

Eckler's honesty and "to the point" style allows the reader to really understand her life as a new Mom. she says it like it is and I do value that in a person. She doesn't hide the "crazy" thoughts she has or the embarrassing situations she goes through which certainly allows other Moms to identify with her. There are some jaw dropping moments along with some out loud laughing moments found throughout this book.

I highly recommend this book to any Mom who is looking for a light read about some light and some not-so-light topics regarding motherhood and life.

Review 2: I just finished reading a great book called “Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator” by Rebecca Eckler. The author takes us through her real life experiences raising her child from the newborn stage through to her daughter’s second birthday.

It is a great book that takes a refreshingly frank look at being a mom. It reassures us that it is ok to have bad days and not every moment with your child is a perfect one. I particularly liked her “10 mommy moments that people forget to tell you” at the beginning of each chapter. If found myself nodding and thinking “that is so true” every time.

This book is really an easy and enjoyable read that kept me turning the pages. I couldn't’t wait to see what Rebecca was going to experience with her daughter next. Having both a toddler and a newborn, I found that I could relate to so much in the book. There were parts that made me cringe and parts that had me laughing out loud. It is nice to read an honest account of what being a mom is really like.[Photo]
Review 3: I read Rebecca Eckler's first book, Knocked Up
Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be, well.... when I was Knocked Up! It was Christmas 2004 and I remember it vividly, as six weeks earlier, I had suffered the unexpected death of my mother. I needed something, anything to pick me up and gobbled up the book over a weekend!

When I was sent a copy of Wiped! Life with a Pint-size Dictator, I was feeling, well... Wiped!!!!, as life with a pint-size dictator can do that to you!

I was happy that what I liked about Knocked Up, is the same thing that I like about Wiped! I love Eckler's frankness and honesty about life as a mom. From her struggle with postpartum depression and life as a new mom Eckler lets you into her world.

There were laugh out loud parts, and parts where I could picture myself doing the same thing as her! As she was trying on her pre-pregnancy jeans, I wanted to scream... "Don't do it!!!" As all new moms know as, Eckler points out ;Size matters: “I had made the mistake of trying on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, which I couldn't’t get up past my knees. It was the worst decision I have ever made.”

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Product Review: Petite Diapering Bag from Bubble and Squeak

Product Name:Petite Diapering Bag from Bubble and Squeak
Product Rating: 4 Rubber Duckies (out of 5)

Small Diaper Bag
Review: Believe it or not, but there comes a day when you don't have to leave the house with everything but the kitchen sink.

And for that day, there is a small and versatile diaper bag from Bubble and Squeak, available at Tummy Time. This bag comes with a change pad and the bag wipes done easily for those toddler accidents.

We love the green paisley print, and it also is available in a pink paisley print, which screams, "Hello Spring!"

And for those days when you do need to bring the kitchen sink, just toss the petite diapering bag into your larger bag!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Product Review: Nana Knits

Product Name: Nana Knits
Rating: Rating: 4 Rubber Duckies( out of 5)

Handknit Sweaters and Hats from birth to preschool
Price:Hats start at $ 21.95 Sweaters start at $ 49.95
Review: Nana Knits is a Canadian line of sweaters, and hats designed by a grandmother of 8! Nana Knits is available at Petite Posh an online maternity, baby and toddler boutique carrying upscale items ranging from diaper bags, clothing, land more carries this creative line of baby and toddler clothing.

With knits inspried from nature, transporation and her grandchildren, these 100% cotton sweaters wear and wash well and are handmade!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Product Review: Made By Angie

Product Name: Wipes Case by Made By Angie
Product Rating: 4.5 Rubber Duckies (out of 5)

Description: A stylish and functional wipes case
Price: $30.00 (USD)
Function: To carry wipes for baby/toddler
Review:I love anything handmade and inventive! And it's always an added bonus when the product is functional as well as stylish! Made by Angie is a line of wipes cases for moms to carry their wipes in -- but with a twist. These handmade wipes cases make a great shower or new mom gift!
With a range of styles from funky polka dots, to retro fabrics and very fashionable prints, there is case for every mom.

Angie, is a mom to 2, whose customer service is exceptional, as well as her style. Each case is made by hand and finished with beautiful matching ribbon around the case.

As their slogan states "Diapers need changin' ... at least you can look good doing it!" And we agree!

And to top it off, each wipes case comes ready-to-go with wipes included!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Product Review: Ring Slings from The Better Baby Company

Product Name: Classic Sling from the The Better Baby Company
Product Rating: 4.5 Rubber Duckies (out of 5)

Description: A ring sling for babywearing
Price: $69.99-$74.99
Function: For parents to wear their baby/toddler
Review #1:
I’ve always been a little hesitant of ring slings, don’t ask me why, I just have. I think it’s because they just look so darn complicated.

But, after testing and trying the Classic Sling in Blue & Green Stripes (Size Long) I’m addicted.

When I opened the Sling Package from The Better Baby Company, there was a instruction manual with pictures that I followed and was able to be ‘up and running’ in a few minutes. Being nearly 6 foot and having a husband who is over 6 foot the size Large suited us both well. Our toddler loves being able to be carried by both ‘mama’ and ‘dada’. (and so do I!!) I also love that because the ring sling is adjustable, it’s easy to wear over a coat or winter jacket.

I also love that this baby/toddler sling is handmade in Canada, and that it’s stylish and a great price! For $74.99 for a long size and $69.99 for a regular size sling, it is well worth the investment in a sling that takes you from newborn to toddler.

Review #2:
Slings are a lifesaver for new Moms and not-so-new Moms! When your baby is very young and needing to be held, rocked, bounced, etc., it can be very tiring! When your child is older (e.g. toddler age) and cutting teeth or sick and needing extra love and attention, it can be backbreaking trying to lift them and carry them around.

The Better Baby Company makes a top quality sling for parents. It comes in six fashionable colours made from top quality fabric. They are sewn with 'wear and tear' in mind, and trust us, you will get a lot of wear out of this product. The aluminium rings are durable and provide for simple adjustments of your sling.

One unique feature of the The Better Baby Company's sling is the storage pouch in the tail of the sling for carrying an extra diaper, your bank card, a hat or receiving blanket etc. This pouch is a convenient addition to their sling.

The slings come in two sizes and each allow for plenty of adjustment room to fit your comfort needs and your growing baby.

The sixteen page instruction booklet comes complete with pictures and is easy to follow, guiding even the newest of parents through the six different wearing positions.

Baby wearing is definitely the way to go and with the The Better Baby Company sling, you will definitely be satisfied. You can carry your baby or child without getting tired, Moms can breastfeed discreetly and you can look stylish all at the same time.

Top 10 reasons for buying a sling from The Better Baby Company:

* Wearing your baby is convenient for you!

* Wearing your baby promotes physical development.

* Babies worn in slings are more content.

* Using a sling can help prevent Positional Plagiocephely ("baby flat-head").

* Slings allow for proper bone and joint development.

* Baby wearing helps you to communicatewith your baby and her with you.

* Slings are a bonding tool for fathers, grandparents,and other caregivers.

* Slings are a safe and secure place for a baby or toddler to be.

* Slings are economical.

* Slings are an emotionally safe place for children to experience life.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Product Review: Nurse-n-Glow available at Trendy Baby Products

Product Name: Nurse-n-Glow available exclusively Trendy Baby Products

Product Rating: 4.5 Rubber Duckies (out of 5)

Description: A nursing pillow with built on light
Function : For mom to nurse baby easily

Review: For the first few nights of babies life at home, we slept with the light on, so we could see how he was doing… was he breathing?… was he ok?...was he sleeping?

e were typical first time parents – afraid of everything. On top of everything else that entails being a first time parents, we were also working on our nighttime routine. And we'd have done so much better if we had the Nurse-n-Glow pillow. Rather than have numerous lights on and getting in and out of bed, the inventive Nurse-n-Glow lighted pillow it allows for a more tranquil and thriving breastfeeding experience without leaving your bed.

The Nurse-N-Glow, available in a number of colours is great for a number of reasons including, the soft glow of the light allows you to have a mid-night nursing without turning on a light and waking up baby. The lighted pillow was developed by a Chiropractor and mom, and therefore allows the baby to be positioned so that their heads and backs are properly aligned. The pillow is sturdy, allowing a good barrier between your partner and your baby. To turn the light on you simply just press on the top, and the soft glowing light comes on – and stays on for 30 minutes. And best of all, you can sleep with the lights off!!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

La Leche League Canada Beautiful Breastfeeding Baby Photo Contest

La Leche League is hosting a Canada Beautiful Breastfeeding Baby Photo Contest! The deadline has been extended to March 31st.

Photos will be chosen for education and promotion purposes as well as the 2008 LLLC calendar.

For contest details, please visit http://www.lllc.ca/photo_contest_2007.pdf.

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